Surviving in an infected world

If someone had told us last year that grocery shopping would be the most exciting thing we would do for most of 2020, we'd have snorted and showed them our colorful and busy calendars. No one at Vogue could have predicted that the single most googled piece of clothing this year would be the face... Continue Reading →

Let Babies be Born out of Passion, not Pressure

When I hear married Indian women describe the pressure they face in the society for not using the single most extraordinary feature in their bodies, I wish they would say that they did not ask for the feature, but then I realize that it's not acceptable to complain about features, only bugs.  Let's not even... Continue Reading →

Love, Loss and Learnings

Yesterday marked the birthday of my dear mother in law, Usha Rao, a remarkable woman who was loved and admired by everyone who ever met her. She passed away over 7 years ago from the same silent evil that takes the lives of millions of people every year— Depression. Each year on this day, I... Continue Reading →

18 Things I Hope for in 2018

Happy New Year my dearest readers. I know I am 5 days late, but we all still need as many good wishes as possible to have an amazingly awesome rest of the 360 days, don't you think? 🙂 One of the most significant things I did for myself last year was starting this blog. That's... Continue Reading →

What makes a Good Life?

We may have different perceptions about the word "good" in the title. For some it may mean success or fame and for others, health.  My inspiration for this post came from a TED talk (with the same name as this post) where the speaker, Robert Waldinger, who is the Director of the Harvard Study of... Continue Reading →

Stuffed Veggie Peppers

I have found that peppers (or as we call it in India, capsicums) are one of the few veggies that are just as popular here as they are in India. They are super versatile and I can practically put them in any cuisine — from pizza and guacamole to Indian dishes like curry and kuzhambu... Continue Reading →

Spoiler Not Spoiler | Game of Thrones

I am not quite sure what qualifies for a spoiler and what doesn't. If someone has an almost impossible-to-believe observation in an episode and makes a prediction based on it, is that a spoiler? My friends and my brother often share links with "predictions" and "theories" that are so bizarre (and most of which come... Continue Reading →

Why I am Really here..

When I started this blog, I was quite literally in chaos. I was tired of looking for jobs, tired of wondering why I was so aimless at 28, tired of planning our India trip, tired of trying to keep up with everything that I wasn't checking off my daily to-do list. Honestly, I don't even... Continue Reading →

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