Corn Spread on Toast

If you are like Pavan and I, then you understand what its like to hate eat multi-grain or whole wheat bread. We know its the only form of bread that we should bring near our mouths but yet it just doesn’t feel right, does it!

To make life a little less boring and brown and a little more colorful, I often frequent between this corn spread and my other lover, the avacado spread.

Its healthy, tasty and super EASY to make, even on a crazy Monday morning.

This is my first recipe on the blog. Its very special because it is from my MIL’s (Mom in law) cookbook and I intend to try each one and document it.

So here it is…

textgram (2)

Depending on your spice level, you can alternate between green chilies, jalapenos or even peppers if you are a mild spice eater.

You can either grind it coarsely or finely (I prefer to keep it fine). The best part about this spread is that the same thing can take a dual role as a dip with tortilla chips in case you have last minute guests at home!

If you try it, don’t forget to share your thoughts on it here okay?

Happy Tuesday to you all!


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