Corn Spread on Toast

If you are like Pavan and I, then you understand what its like to hate eat multi-grain or whole wheat bread. We know its the only form of bread that we should bring near our mouths but yet it just doesn’t feel right, does it! Continue reading


“Love the skin you’re in” Tag

Most of us are like toddlers, we don’t want what we have and we keep wishing we had what others do, even when we realize the truth that lies in one of the oldest sayings I know — The grass is always greener on the other side.  Continue reading

50 Funny Quote ideas for Baby Onesies

One of my best friends recently had a baby girl named Sheryl and I was racking my brains for the perfect gift for her. I wanted something customized and there it was, suddenly clear in my head, a picture of cute little onesies with quotes that would preferably crack the entire family up or at least bring a smile on their faces. Continue reading