Passion and Polygamy

For most part of my adult life, I remember being horrified by this one question, Whats your goal/ dream/ passion?” Horrified because I felt I was not normal not to have one solid goal to chase, a goal to motivate myself to wake up every morning.

What was wrong with me!?

Truth is that I had too many things I was passionate about. But nothing that I could die for. Nothing that I could say out loud without fear or embarrassment.

If a career counselor gave me a sheet with a list to tick or cross off, I know what I could quickly cross off.

I am not greatly into fashion. I have never used a blow dryer my entire life and I can go without shaving my legs or tweezing my eyebrows for a month. I am not into finance or accounts or science or insurance. I am definitely not into coding or anything too technical. (yes, I know I sound like I am 55!)

This was easy. Now for the my-biggest-pain-in-the-a** list.

I like creating things – cards, wall arts, DIYs. I also love video eidting.

I cook meals with love, and it somehow turns out all right most times. People often tell me I should consider starting some small business.

I love writing, which is obvious because I am here.

I love an Indian illustrator Alicia Souza so much that her name was the first one to pop in my head when my journal asked me a question, “who is your role model?”. I would love love to do what she does.

I thought I was into photography when I found myself enjoying clicking good candid shots in functions in India. My brother hence gifted me a Canon Rebel for my wedding. 2 years have passed and I am yet to learn what the manual mode does.

I love singing. Always have. If I knew how to play the guitar or any other instrument, I would be having my own Youtube channel now.

I like to think that I enjoyed teaching or training when I was a trainer.

I loved learning sign language.

I felt at a point that I can even be a good counselor!

And I’m not even sure the list is over yet (I hope it is).

If you see how I even have started my blog, you will find that I don’t have a theme or a specific category. (to call it a food blog or a fashion blog for example)

I recently saw a TEDx video where a woman named Terri Trespicio talked about how we should stop searching for our passion and move on with whatever life offers us. Well, I am like Play Doh sometimes. I get easily molded into people’s opinions when they talk well and I thought I agreed with her. I felt I should stop questioning myself everyday and start seriously applying for any job that I could qualify for. Any job that would pay! It doesn’t matter whether I liked it, it just had to give me a place to start off. Once I did, all I would have to do is perform well, grow up the ladder and stick to it for as long as I can.

Next morning, however, I realized that I didn’t entirely agree with her. While it’s true that passion is highly overrated these days — someone with a decent job they don’t hate ends up doubting their choices merely because everyone around them are “following their dreams” — its also true you can easily strike a middle ground here. You could go on with your job as long as you don’t HATE it and as long as there isn’t something on your mind you’d rather be doing right now. (Imagine what will happen to the world if everyone quit their jobs in the name of passion searching. That could actually make a great idea for a Black Mirror episode!! Netflix, I am DMing you right away.)

The problem with “finding your passion” is the pressure of having to decide NOW what you want to do for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. So I thought why not make it short term? Why not think of it as deciding your career for the next 3 or 5 years? (If you are a millennial, you are already living life for the moment, aren’t you?) Doesn’t that sound much easier?

It’s also NOT necessary that we are all born with just one ultimate career path that will just stir our passion. There is no one right answer. For all you know, its a multiple answers question which requires you to choose all the right answers!! Meaning you could, for instance, probably have an art store now and a catering business 10 years later!

So it’s okay to be interested in more than one thing. What matters is what you do about it. Do you wait for the universe to send you a gigantic arrow-shaped balloon pointing at the one “right” career for you or do you make up your mind and pick one that makes you feel anxious, excited or both?

So I say, let’s feel free to be polygamous with our passions. When one fails, you can always start with another. Sounds brutal and the opposite of easy, I know. But is doing nothing and staying confused and indecisive forever any easier?

Abso-frickin-lutely not!



Do you suffer from, what I proudly refer to as MPD — Multiple Passions Disorder (meaning no offense to anyone whatsoever)? Give me a fist bump below!!

I will end this post with my most favorite inspirational quote right now:

“Do what you can’t” – Casey Neistat


5 thoughts on “Passion and Polygamy

  1. I fell into my career, really: I needed a job because I was getting married and had some computer training, and that’s what I ended up doing. You don’t always start out with the passion and find the matching job; often it’s the other way around.

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  2. agnishul says:

    Well said! Be passionate about whatever life throws at you and become the best at it. Passions, Likes, Dislikes and Opinions change as life and situations change.

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  3. You know the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”? I always thought it was kind of hurtful, exactly because of what you wrote about. Sometimes I wish I was just good at one thing, so that it would be easier for me to focus on it. The reality is that I am good at many things. I like many things. I am a quick learner, which could lead to me being good at other things I am not even aware of. Oh, well, I might not end up being the most well known person in a specific field, but I sure as hell will dabble in various things I like!

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