About me

Hello there!

I am a 29 year old, utterly indecisive girl who finds fault with her ‘About Me’ section every other week! This time I am just going to throw in 5 random facts about myself. 

  1. My current life motto – I don’t care, I love it. (I LOVE the song too!) 
  2. I am a board/ card game fanatic, and also enjoy a game of pool, ping pong or badminton now and then. 
  3. I am a list maker. The only place I don’t still have a notepad is in the shower! So I like to try and compose my posts in lists or bullet points. 
  4. Adele, Sia, Sam Smith, Coldplay, AR Rahman are the top artists that came to my mind when I thought “Oh Music”. 
  5. Two foods that I can never say no to, even if I am almost missing a flight(!) – Pizza and Tomato Rasam (a South Indian staple food accompanied with rice)

Chaos isn’t a pit, Chaos is a ladder“, said Littlefinger, the calmest looking villain I have ever seen (If you know him, we should be friends already!). I’ve way too many thoughts crowding my head and I want to take that as an advantage by blogging about it.

I live in Stamford with my darling techie husband, Pavan (and zero kids yet, phew!) whom I admire every frigging day for taking my crazy with that oh so sweet smile.

Thanks for stopping by!


Candid shot by the BFF when we were at a gorgeous Airbnb in upstate New York


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