About me

Whenever I visit an About me page, I am simply looking to understand the person I may decide to follow (like most people do). Since you are here, I want to make that task easier for you by answering a few common questions in a Q&A format.

Q: Why are you here?

A: Short answer — For the pure and unadulterated love of writing; Long answer — Please go to this post which is dedicated for just this one question!

Q: What is your blog about? What is your goal?

A: I am self diagnosed with something I’ve named as Multiple passions disorder. So you will see my blog cramped with a wide range of subjects. However, my current favorite things to write about are food, travel, art and mostly, life. I like questioning conventional beliefs and breaking stereotypes. I absolutely love making lists so you will find a lot of my posts in points or numbers.

My goal for ohsweetchaos is this— I want my voice to be heard; I want to inspire and motivate readers who have been in similar situations; I want to share what I know about things that I love; I want to make people ponder; I want to make a difference in someone’s day, maybe make them smile at my desperately placed “jokes”?

Q: When did you start blogging?

A: May 2017. (although I had “Start a Blog” in my Google Keep to-do list since, at least, 2015!)

Q: Where do you currently live? Where are you from?

A: I live in Connecticut now; Manhattan till last year and Bangalore before I got married. And yes, I am from India (a state called Karnataka to be precise).

Q: Who are you?

A: I am Karunya, a 29 year young August born girl married to Pavan, the sweetest, funniest guy I know. On the career front, I was a language and communication trainer in Bangalore and a not-so-persistent job seeker now. I love spicy food and moderately sweet desserts. I hate high heels and tight clothes and I seldom complain about my pictures even when I look like I am about to pass out.


My face right before gorging down a Pesto pizza at Martha’s Vineyard, Jul’17

All the pictures on this blog are mine unless mentioned otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by! You can say hi here.


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